Thrace – One off Build

All SBC Guitars are unique, but this one is truly a one off.

I started this project as a bit of light relief at the end of what has been arguably a hard year for everyone. Naturally, it rapidly spiralled from a quick project to a build that demanded huge amounts of time, care and attention! For my self set brief, I wanted to take a different look at how I design guitars; my normal process is to start with pencil and paper, move the design on to the computer and then work the woods around the design in the shop. But what happens when you take a beautiful piece of wood, that doesn’t fit in to your standard sized designs? Normally, I would cut up the wood, remodel it to fit the shape, at some possible expense of the wood’s beauty and character.

I’d had this beautiful spalted, burl lacewood billet for a while, it was too narrow for a 1 part body, and a 2 part would have meant carving up the centre burl. So i went back to basics and sketched out a shape, directly on the wood. A shape that would be ergonomically comfortable but would also follow the flow of the wood, to show off its stunning character. Sometimes I think, we try so hard to make life fit our perceptions, that we forget to appreciate the beauty in it for what it is.

The woods in this guitar are from three of my favourite sources. The body wood is from Saunders Seasonings who save newly felled trees in London from the chipper, taking great care to cut and season them to show off the stunning woods London has to offer. The neck woods are from the legendary David Dyke, who sources exquisite woods for luthiery including some of the toughest torrified maple I’ve ever seen and that figured ebony fretboard, that matches so well with the lace body. Finally, the back panel of ash (added for a little extra rigidity at the neck joint) comes from my own stockpile of reclaimed wood.


  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 24 frets
  • 14″ – 20″ radius fretboard
  • Dunlop jumbo wide/high fretwire
  • Symmetric medium D neck profile
  • 41mm width at the nut
  • 53.5mm bridge spacing
  • Schaller Hannes bridge
  • Gotoh mini machines
  • Lace Alumitone pickups
  • Single CTS volume pot, with 3 way selector
  • Single part neck, terrified maple
  • Figured ebony fretboard
  • London lace, burl body, sourced from the Euston area
  • Reclaimed ash back panel
  • Ebony cavity covers
  • Aluminium headstock veneer
  • Bolt-on construction

The bridge, machine heads and pickups are from a previous stock guitar that was sadly broken. There is a slight flaw at the back of the guitar around one bridge post. I have reflected this in my pricing.

Price for this guitar £2100

£500 from the sale of this guitar will be donated to Kith and Kids, Supporting disability, focusing on abilities.

Guitar is sold as seen and I will not be offering any custom options on the stock model.

Cost includes soft bag, universal or custom fit case can be supplied at additional  cost.