Modern Shapes

These designs take our approach to ergonomics and balance and push them to the extreme, allowing the ergonomics to drive the aesthetics much harder than the Classic range.

The Muse

I believe all guitars should inspire the right music for the player. While these shapes aren’t designed to be geared towards a particular style of music, they are designed to be eminently playable, as a tool to help the artist create the sound that is right for them.

Custom options

As with all of my guitars, these models are completely customisable to suit your needs, I have access to a massive range of woods, materials, pickups, parts and finish options to help tailor the instrument to you. For more information please see Custom Orders and Stock.

Most of these shapes can be made as guitars, basses or hybrid instruments, thay can also be modified to be headless, fanned/straight fret, extended range and so much more.

Vega This striking guitar was designed to blend superior balance with amazing access in to a relatively small package. The stepped to gives the option of very dense top wood (such as wenge) for superior attack and sustain, giving way to softer more figured wood beneath. Here is our stock Vega .

Cygnus, This guitar typifies my ergonomic approach, favouring comfort in all play position options. The aesthetic is more striped back than the Vega, in elegant simplicity. The extended upper shoulder provides fantastic balance and tonal warmth, while a deep heal carve maintains the neck profile well in to the body joint.

Libra (formally SB7) this model was designed to give the ultimate balance in a compact format. Unlike our other modern instruments, this does not feature an inside leg cut away, shifting the balance of the instrument back further still. This design was always meant to be very much a working instrument and lends itself very well to variant models

Libra Bass The body of this instrument is easily adjusted to accommodate longer or shorter scale length. the instrument shown is 30″ scale.

Falcon Bass this is a custom spec, tweaked body version of the Libra Bass, designed with signature artist Calvert Stephens. See the full spec here.