The concept for this guitar shape was to take influence from the classic ‘Tele’, combined with our light-weight/designed-balance approach, to create small and softly curved guitar, with a nod to a classic aesthetic and all the benifits of our ergonomic guitar.

We have redesigned and refined this guitar many times, the latest (2018) design saw an extension in the upper shoulder of the guitar and shifting the bridge back in to the body, which added a little extra mass to the original design but far superior balance. This guitar is now better suited to custom options, such as multiscale and extended range options, without losing its more traditional aesthetic

We typically have stock of this guitar to buy directly, but like all of our original models shapes, we can supply this guitar as a custom in most any configurationĀ  you can think of.

Current Model shape (SB3 2018)

Former model shape (still available to order)