Core Concept

SBC guitars pride ourselves on our original guitar design. Each design comes from a core concept; to create a compact, lightweight instrument that balance nicely off the shoulder and gives a unique playing experience.

To achieve this we follow a few key principles;

  • Ergonomics over Aesthetics -We think our core models are beautiful, but they are all designed to be played first and admired second! This is why we favour through-neck construction, it is a more complicated build process, but means we can have a hindrance free neck joint.
  • Target weight -It’s no surprise that lighter guitars are more comfortable for long playing sessions, but we can also help craft a desired tone for the player by how we get to a disired weight. This can be achieved with wood choices, thinner bodies, cavitied bodies/semi-hollow construction, or a combination of these factors. For our stock build we aim for 2kg – 2.8kg, but for custom builds we can work with you to acheive your target weight.
  • Establish the customers need –How can our approach to design help you find the perfect instrument for you? As well as our own body shapes, we have applied our core concept to industry standard shapes, to create light weight, ergonomic, custom built dream guitars.
  • Shift the centre of gravity towards the player -this provides the guitarist with a comfortable balance while sitting or standing, as an added bonus, this usually means the bridge on our guitars can be found quite near the back of the guitar, giving the strumming arm absolute freedom to move.
  • R & D -We are constantly striving to improve and perfect our shapes, with regular model updates and development.

To Find out more why not get in touch with us and discuss options!