Artists and Signature Models

SBC Guitars is committed to working with new and existing artists to help them grow and to grow our brand symbiotically. We don’t invest a huge amount in marketing campaigns and advertising, preferring to work with artists creating new relationships, great music, and of course, awesome instruments!

Calvert Stephens

“from start to finish, I felt in control of the instrument being handcrafted. The process utilized by SBC is a beautiful blend of artistic creation and thoughtful ergonomic design. No two sbc guitars are the same, but this one is mine”


Past and present bands;

  • Effigy For Sleep (past)
  • Hot Snow Falls Up (present)
  • Sons of Utopia (Present)
  • Storm Season (present)
  • Cal has also writen and performed as solo artist and with many up and coming and indie artists

Stuart Says;

Cal is a truly talented musician, I’m yet to see Cal pick up a stringed instrument he couldn’t get a tune out of! Cal approaches music like a master sculptor, his execution is exceptional but always conscious of the material, merging complicated textures in to concise and beautiful music.

Cals brief for his bass was relatively simple in its design and material composition, but very specific in its finer details. We spent easily as much time developing the instrument as we did finally building this. I believe this tenacity and attention to detail is one the aspects that make Cal one of the most promising artists of his generation. Falcon 1

Cal Performing ‘Phee’ on his Falcon bass

Charlie Newbury

Charlie performing his song ‘Morning Person’ with Cal, before recieving his Cygnus S

Past and present bands:

  • Identities (Past)
  • Colosseums (Present) prog/pop metalcore
  • Sovinec (Present) is Tech Deathcore
  • Artist under my own name creating instrumental math/prog rock

I think the main thing that attracted me to SBC was seeing a brand that isn’t just making customised S and T type instruments and in fact doing quite the opposite, exploring what can be done and executing it with style! These are some of the most out there and interesting instruments I’ve ever come across but it’s not just for show they each have their own practicalities that make them all amazing instruments!


Stuart Says;

Charlies music is chaotic, high-energy and fun, much like Charlie himself! Charlie may be relatively young in his career in music but has already had a prolific output, both as a solo artist and in bands.

Charlie asked for a build that both reflects his music and personality visually, but functionally he wanted a guitar that was simple to use in a live setting, but tonally versatile, a sturdy workhorse, but packed with modern features. Like Charlies music, it combines procession and exuberance in unique form. Cygnus S

We are always looking for new artists, if you, or someone you know would benifit from a mutual relationship with SBC guitars please do get in touch!