Custom Orders and Stock

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Build Time
Although our build time is usually anywhere around 4-8 weeks we do have a waiting list for custom orders. We are currently running at approx 8 months lead time for custom buids, which is practically no time at all! but for anyone looking for a hand crafted guitar available in 1-2 weeks, check our stock list, these guitars can still be customised to a certain extent. 
How to place an order
This bit is simple, give me a call or an email to start a conversation about what you would like! for custom orders (or stock builds requiring further work) we ask for a 35% diposit or 50% on orders under £2000 (unless otherwise agreed). Diposits are not refundable on cancelation of custom orders or modified guitars. Payments can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.
Do we do part-exchange?
We will consider part exchange, however if we do accept, we still require 35% payment upfront to place the order. Any part-ex value will be subtracted from the balance.
Alternatively, we can speak to one of the shops we work with and see if they will act as a broker for a part exchange.
What can we do?
The real question is, what can you think of? We love challanging builds! We also have a knack for repurposing old wood, such as with the above pictured SB4 made almost entirly from a single oak door! We tend to build through neck guitars for various reasons (see Construction below) but we can create your dream guitar however you want it built and finished! For more ideas and information, have a poke about here and be sure to check out our Instagram feed! We are still waiting for someone to order a double neck, through-neck instrument, if you are feeling brave?
When we started SBC, we said, we were guitar designers first, and luthiers second. That may have changed now, but we still think that designing (and building) the perfect guitar is our ultimate goal. But the real question is, what is the perfect guitar for you?
Whether you are looking at one of our original designs or a tweaked existing design, we can help you realise your dream.
Price Structure
All guitars are priced on the same pricing sheet. This is available at the moment, upon request.
Our pricing formula, consists of a base cost (inclusive of the basics of that model), parts cost and any additional labour costs. Some woods are inclusive in the build cost, however, we have access to a wide and varied stock of wood, which leads nicely to…
We have an extensive collection of both exotic hardwoods and UK sourced hardwoods. In addition, we work with the best suppliers and timber mills in the country, we can source a wide range of woods from all over the world. Some of our woods come from managed forests and plantations, we often use this wood for necks and somtimes 1 part bodies, the grain is long, straight and defect free.
We have a fairly extensive colection of old growth UK grown and reclaimed woods.
Where possible, I would prefer not to use any CITES listed woods, however, we have couple of mills we work with who can source the likes of rosewood from sustainably managed forests and supply it with appropriate documentation.
As previously mentioned we tend to prefer through neck guitar construction, we will build bolt-on and set neck guitars, these construction methods are not without there benifits, however, the reasons we favour this construction are;
1, Heel Joint – There is none! We have the same woods in the neck, going through the body, so we can do a deeply contoured heel under the end of the fretboard.
2, The bridge sits on the same wood as the neck allowing natural vibration trasferance between the body, neck and strings.
3, through neck blocks are strong! We use a combination of different woods to create compound neck blocks, we also use alternating grains, and saw patterns (rift, flat and quarter sawn) to create strong, responsive necks.
Save them shoulders!
Our original models are small and often thinner bodied and fairly light weight but we will weight relief the bodies as standard as well. Weight relief can also be attained with lighter woods and semi-hollow construction. Lighter, well balanced guitars are not only good for your body and your back, but also resonate better.
Wood should be seen, touched and smelt… But some people disagree. We offer a range of in house finishing options as standard, many of which can be used with colour fast, vibrant wood stains. Our workshop finishes are;
Boiled linseed/tung/danish oil; Most  oils create a thin, film like layer over the wood pretecting it from mild moisture changes, oils tend to darken woods. Some can be left natural, to give a rustic finish feel, some can be burnished or waxed to a light sheen.
Hard wax oil; Like the above, wax oil builds to a film, but can be built up to a more substantial film which will actually protect against light knocks and scrapes. It can also be buffed or waxed for a mid to high sheen.
Shallac; This is like somewhere between a hard wax and a spreyed finish. We have a few methods for applying Shellac, to create either a higher sheen finish or a more natural finish, with the added protection of a thicker film layer. Shellac can be built up to a very high gloss finish, but tends to yellow quite a bit. Shellac can’t be applied over more vibrant stains.
Acrylic; This is not one I use a lot, but it can be aplied over stains and burnt wood and buffed to a medium-high finish.
If you don’t fancy any of these, get in touch we have a few other possible in house finish options, or if it is a high gloss, clear or block colour finish we have several third party options we trust and can work with to create your desired finish.
Parts and pickups
We will use any parts and pickups you like, though, like most builders, we do tend to have prefered manufacturers, as you may see from our stock builds, but we are happy use and advise on any parts.
Final Payment
Final payment will be expected prior to shipping, all guitars will be demo’d remotly or in person before shipping, we also tend to hold on to guitars for a period of time (usually 2-3 weeks), so we can see how the neck beds in to string tension.
If you happen to commision a particularly beautiful guitar we may hold on to it for longer so as we can show all our friend how awesome it is, I will happily knock a little off the final balance, should this occour.
Shipping and duties
All our pricing given is exclusive of shipping. All shipping will be quoted sepperatly, we use UPS, but if you would like to arrange your own shiping this can be done.
For UK orders, I am happy to deliver guitars in person, within reasonable distance.
For oversees orders, it is the customers responsability to pay any customs duties, import charges, etc.
All our guitars come with a soft case, however, for shipping, we would recomend upgrading to a flight case! We can supply a custom fit NSP flight case. We can also supply with a matching wood hard case, but this will not be a case tested for international shipping. The starting cost for both is £300.
Limited Lifetime guarantee
All guitars come with a limited lifetime guarantee on the body, exclusive of any 3rd party components including all machined components, fretwire and electrical parts. The guarantee is offered to the original owner only
All guitars (unless otherwise stated) feature a light finish and will show wear with time and use, we think this adds to a guitar, but if you disagree, we offer refinishing and maintenance services, however, regular maintenance and checks are still advised  and will prolong the life of your guitar for future generations.
we can carry out a full setup check, light fret dress restring and polish/oil (£65.00 plus any shippng cost) and advise on any further work we feel the guitar requires.


Otherwise, we are amiable chaps, if you feel anything is wrong with your guitar, within 6 months, please return to us and we will do our best to rectify without additional cost. This does not include accidental (or otherwise) damage.