What’s in the Workshop?

Oh no! We have taken some down time recently to work on our workshop, however, we currently have a free production line and we are more than happy to take orders, for those seeking to take advantage of a quick build!

Please find below a list of upcoming projects and recently completed guitars!
SB3 24″ scale with Sustainer system, left handed
This 2012 body shape SB3 is simply packed with technology! Featuring a Fernandes Sustainer system, inside one of our most compact guitars, this guitar certainly pushed our ability with a router! This guitar features a slim, asymmetric neck with a 5 part maple and cherry construction.
SB3 JBS 23.75″ With Kent Armstrong P90
This guitar blends modern components and construction with a vintage vibe into a tweaked version of our 2012 SB3 body shape, to build our lightest SB3 yet! This guitar also featured a fat bottomed (tear-drop) neck profile, for a strong, bluesy guitar!
SB7 25″ Thin-line with Lace Alumitones – Prototype. Reserved.
Coming soon
SB4 hard tail
Perhaps your next custom built guitar?