The Ice-Cream Guitar – Day 24

Everything I’m doing on this guitar is a first for me, but the rear cavity is a first for Scatterbrain Concepts, and something I’ve figured out for myself. Stu’s a fan of the front-mounted control plate, but it feels wrong to cover up the spalted beech with anything else.

I spotted through the control positions from the front, and drilled holes to suit. I could have done a better job of spacing them out more evenly – the spacing between the push button and the volume pot is a little off, but no big deal. I then flipped the guitar over and opened the holes out with forstner bits to form a “well” for each component, setting the depth stop on the drill press to give me a 5mm wall thickness at the bottom of the hole. I’ve made the wells just big enough for each component. I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron, I don’t need a lot of space to work. I then used a dremel to chip out cable routing between each well.

I’ve got a nice long 6mm auger bit for drilling between the control and the pickup cavity, and into the control cavity from the edge of the guitar where the jack plate is going to go.

The most nerve wracking part was drilling the hole for the jack – I’m drilling a 22mm hole through the side of a 30mm thick guitar, so there’s not a huge margin for error. But it worked out fine.

I now need a control plate cover, and to rout out a rebate for it to sit in. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that yet.

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