The Guitar Show 2018

Team SBC at The Guitar Show 2018.

Our poor little ears have just about recovered from this weekend’s onslaught that was The Guitar Show 2018, and I think I speak for all of us at SBC when I say that we were overwhelmed by the attention and praise received. Thank you to everyone who came to have a look at/play with our demo models and attempted to have a chat with us over the cacophony.

Our stock at The Guitar Show 2018

In the weeks leading up to the show we’d been working full pelt to get a collection of eight demo guitars ready. Our aim was to put together a display of our capabilities and offerings, and I think we managed just that. We had examples of three of our base models (the SB3, SB4, and SB7), with fanned fret, scalloped board, left handed, symmetical and asymetrical neck profile varients; as well as a pair of slimline shortscale basses in left and right handed varients. They feature a selection of our favourite woods, pickups, and hardware, and are wired up in a plethora of different switching options.

When it comes to custom guitars, a lot of people see what’s infront of them and see that as the offering, and find it hard to get their head around specifying what they want. I was asked by several visitors to our stand whether we had a catalogue, and it’s not something that we have or are likely to in the near future. But one visitor to our stand seemed to really get what we are about.

“I like this bass. Can you do it as a 5 string?”
“With glow-in-the-dark markers?”

That’s what we are about.

We’re hoping to revamp our website a little in the coming weeks to represent this a little better, and our Guitar Show 2018 collection will go some way towards illustrating what we can do.

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