Falcon Bass

 No two sbc guitars are the same, but this one is mine

Calvert Stephens

Cals brief for his bass was relatively simple in its design and material composition, but very specific in its finer details. We spent easily as much time developing the instrument as we did finally building this.

There are two critical factores to Cals spec, his signature piano like tone and and the relatively compact, ergonomic form of this long scale bass.

Piano Tone

Cal’s choice of the Bartolini electronics, including the 2 band clean boost and the added control of the 3 band EQ gives this guitar huge tonal range, whilst maintaining clarity from the pickups. The woods in this guitar are designed for a very dense neck block for huge attack, whilst the super light body wings keep the bass at a manageable weight.

SH1B Falcon, Cal’s specification

  • 35 -31.25 scale with the vertical fret at the 7th.
  • Asymmetric chunky neck, profile, custom carved with Cal to aid with RSI injury.
  • Swamp ash body
  • 5 part reinforced through neck, UK grown black walnut center, padouk fillets and wenge outer
  • Premium ebony board with padouk and abalone detail
  • Jumbo Dunlop frets
  • 26 frets
  • 20″ radius
  • ABM hardware
  • Bartolini Quad at the bridge and Singularity at the mid position, with Bartolini buffer preamp and 3 band EQ

Cost for Cals spec £2,929