A workhorse guitar for the modern guitarist

The concept for this guitar design (body shape, headstock and neck profile, and core wiring system) was to draw on the influence and reliability of session musician favourites -the classic ‘workhorse’ guitars, such as Tele and SG type guitars and create a beautiful, hardworking and ergonomic guitar for the 21st century.



With that in mind, I opted for a single cutaway shape to give good contact between the neck and the body but opted for a through body construction, so we could push the heel back and give it an ergonomic feel. With a greatly reduced body sizeand depth (typical 35mm), we are able to offer guitars that can way under 6lb, fully fitted out, particularly when coupled with light weight tulip wood, this is further enhanced with a headstock, engineered for light weight, which we typically fit with Schaller M6 Mini tuning machines.

The neck is made as three-piece neck as standard, with a soft trapezoid/V profile, giving a wider flat panel in the middle of the neck and a soft curve on the upper and lower. This gives three strong positions all the way down the neck to anchor the thumb. Our fret boards are planed flat and then given a massive -near flat radius, resulting in a fast and comfortable neck, offering strong bends and playability that is hard to put down!

To finish the guitar properly, we fit a Schaller 3D bridge as standard -a precision bridge for a precision guitar! This is a beautifully engineered bridge with 3 axis adjustability per string and bags of sustain! We also offer our standard SB3 wiring system to give masses of tonal variety, even with just one pickup. This a tone isolator switch, lowering the impedance on the circuitry and offering a very quick switch between a modern high gain tone and a creamy blues lead, without touching your amp!


The headstock is designed to reduce weight
The headstock is designed to reduce weight