Original Shapes

SBC guitars prides our selves on our original guitar design concepts. Each design comes from a core concept driven by ergonomics and customer demand. We are constantly striving to improve and perfect our shapes, with regular model updates and development.

For more information on our guitar design, please use the links below, or, for more information on our product and build process please see Custom Builds, or for our list of current and recent builds and available guitars see What’s in the Workshop and Available builds and stock.


SB3 is light weight, streamlined work horse guitar with a punchy 25″ scale as standard, making this a highly versatile and reliable guitar with awesome sustain! Arguably one of the lightest solid body guitars available. this back saving guitar is capable of being built at a near feather weight 5.5lbs. This light, sturdy guitar makes for a brilliant session musician guitar, with a striking, stage worthy aesthetic!


This is guitar is currently in development. This is a retro body shape designed as similar size body to SB3, as a sort of double/no cut-away model, for a warm blues/jazz tone. This guitar will be supplied as standard with a Jazz friendly 24″ scale.

SBH (headless)

Another brilliant all-rounder (even if we do say so our selves)! This Klein inspired ergonomic guitar, is heavier than our other models but balances and spreads weight like a dream. A great option for long gigs and studio sessions.