“I’ve got a few little jobs you could help me out with. Or you could start building a guitar of your own.”

That’s how I came to be involved in Scatterbrain Concepts. Stu’s boredom of solitude in a poorly lit single garage, and my over-caffeinated lack of something to do of a Sunday afternoon. That was about six months ago, and though the ice-cream guitar’s not quite finished, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. Some of it’s been a process of monkey-see monkey-do, some of it a case of monkey-see, monkey-think-about-it, monkey-do-different. Some of it’s been supported by hours of fastidious research, and some of it trying out an idea at the moment of fruition. Some things I’ve got right first time. Some things I’ve cocked up, almost to the point of wanting to scrap it and start over. But for all the accidental features of the ice-cream guitar – it’s Strat-like slim neck, it’s ultra-thin semi-carved body, it’s weird goose-neck headstock – I kind of like this quirky little freak. I think it’s shaping up to be a first build to be proud of.

It looks like a guitar… It feels like a guitar…

I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline, about which I’m not going to reveal too much at the moment, but they’ll be up here on the site in due course. The ice-cream guitar is nearing completion. It looks like a guitar. It feels like a guitar. It doesn’t yet sound like a guitar, but it’s not far off.

In the next few days I’ll be posting retrospective build reports on this ugly-duckling of an axe. I’ve been regretfully lax with bringing my camera to the workshop, but with the new site up and running I’ve now a reason to be more motivated to keep a more comprehensive photo-journal of my progress.


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