Custom Builds

Currently accepting Custom orders for completion, late 2018!

Custom Guitar Builder coming soon… But in the meantime, here is some information for you!

If you are looking for a new, custom spec guitar, built with an eye towards, superior design, ethically sourced woods (and reclaimed woods) and sonically dynamic through body construction, then why not support a small UK based guitar builder!

We can provide any of our existing models or we can design you something completely new all together, we also have some models available as custom builds only, such as our SB5, through body LP style guitar.

Why through body?

We can provide new models with any neck construction, however we believe that a through body guitar with a volute at the headstock joint gives super strong construction, offering optional -hindrance free- straight string pull, pitched headstock designs and ultimately reducing signal degradation between the neck and the body, increasing the sustain and overall quality of the sound reaching the pickups.

Our standard neck is made from 3 parts, we usually marry a strong flexible maple centre block with sturdy reliable sapele, running the  grains in opposite directions to give a tight reliable neck block. We can provide necks in 1, 3, 5 part, etc. We will also quite happily build necks in different woods such as miranti, walnut, catalpa (adds a lovely soft blues colouring to your sound, if quite tricky to work), padauk, ebony, beach etc. we can also add feature veneer between the blocks.

An SB3 with catalpa and sapele neck block
An SB3 with yew and sapele neck block

What woods?

We will use most typical woods and tone woods to build our guitars, however, we will always try to source new woods from managed forests. We also carry a limited stock of reclaimed wood and (where possible) British grown feature woods, such as the feature catalpa headstock pictured below. Although we do use a moderate amount of sepele and Canadian maple, we like to use woods that haven’t travelled half way around the world.



The trussrod cover on this guitar is made from recycled plastics

Finishing touches

Where possible, we make all components of the guitar from wood, or other natural materials, however, we have the facilities to use a wide variety of materials for the likes of nuts, truss rod covers, cavity covers, binding and mounting plates to give your guitar the identity it deserves!





What about lefties, headless, basses, ERG, short scale, multi-scale etc?

Oh yes, we love change and new challenges! In fact, the first custom I built was en ERG (extended range), through body, 7 string, left-handed Tele/LP hybrid SB2 design guitar!

So bring on those mad designs (you don’t have to use our original designs, we also have a design service, you just have to have the idea) and see what we can do for you when put to the challenge!

How much will it cost?

Price can really vary, depending on what you want to achieve, We charge a flat building cost (this would be for all the basic stuff to get you a guitar)+additional extras (binding, composite necks, etc)+parts cost, etc. For the guide price list, please do get in contact.

Starting prices, please be aware theses will be more expensive, depending on the parts and work required

SB3 2 Pickup model custom, prices from £1499

  •  With typical spec parts, Schaller machined components, Oil City/ERS/Bare Knuckle pickups

SB3 Junior, prices from £1199

  • With typical spec parts, Schaller machined components, Oil City/ERS/Bare Knuckle pickups

SBH Headless, ergonomically balanced guitar, price from £1895

  • ABM parts

SB5 Lp style, carved top through body guitar, prices from £1899

This is a classic LP body shape with a broader carving on the top, benefiting from a through body construction, designed to reduce sound degradation between the neck and the body, increasing the sustain and overall quality of the sound, to the pickups. This guitar also has a compact headstock, reinforced at the neck with a volute, to strengthen against disastrous headstock breakage!

  • Schaller/Gotoh parts
  • Seymour Duncan pickups (usually coil tapped)
  • walnut top with optional eclipse motif
  • 3 piece neck
  • bound body and neck, feature wood fretboard option
  • Pictured in antiqued shellac finish, colours optional
SB5 Eclipse

SB2 Through body Tele style guitar prices from £1299

this is exactly as it sounds! A modern construction tele-style guitar, typically with a longer scale length, the body wings are uncapped, chunky ash or iroko, with optional forearm cutaway.

This guitar works well as a hydrid guitar with LP style switching and pickups, for good balance and a hot but flexible output.