Cygnus S

The thing that makes my guitar so sick isn’t just the fact that I got to spec it out, it’s the fact that from the first time I picked it up it  plays like a guitar I have owned my whole life. It already feels like home

Charlie Newbury

Versatility, performance, simplicity, tone and comfort

The Cygnus guitar typifies my ergonomic approach, favouring comfort in all play positions. The extended upper shoulder provides fantastic balance and tonal warmth, while a deep heal carve maintains the neck profile well in to the body joint. The Cygnus S was developed with artist Charlie, as a solid body evolution of my semi-hollow Cygnus. In addition to the added practicality of the solid chambered body, the ‘Newb’ spec also features a headless system, resin stabalised maple top and Lundgren M series pickups, with custom switching for easy tonal versatility.

Charlies spec makes for a very playable guitar, simple to use but hugely adaptive. It would make for a highly reliable instrument in both studio and live environments. However, as with all SBC guitars, if Charlie’s spec isn’t suitable to your needs this guitar can be completely tailored to suit your own needs.

‘Newb’ spec Cygnus S 7 String

  • 25.5″-26.5″ scale with the vertical fret at the 7th
  • Symmetric thin D neck, profile
  • Through neck, chambered, solid-body construction
  • Swamp ash body wings (please note, we have limited stock of swamp  ash and we will be substituting this for a more sustainable, light weight wood)
  • 3 part quarter sawn roasted maple neck with fumed ash veneer fillets
  • Your choice of premium fretboards or custom options available (as pictured)
  • Resin stabilised maple top by Tobias Casper
  • Jumbo steel frets
  • 24 frets
  • 20″ radius
  • ABM hardware
  • Lundgren M7 pickups
  • Custom 5 way switching (HB/S/mid HB/S/HB)

Cost For Charlies Spec £3,315